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Reach.Aero 1.2.0 introduces enhanced Visual Activity Feedback on Quotes and Freight Requests

We are happy to announce our latest major release. With v1.2.0 comes enhanced visual activity feedback on quotes and freight requests plus better email notifications. Besides multiple fixes and smaller improvements to enhance the overall experience.

Whats new?

  • Visual real time feedback for latest activity on quotes
  • Visual feedback for latest activity on requests
  • Email notifications on new quotes

Release Details

Improved Activity Feedback in Quotes Overview

If you receive new quotes, requests or messages, your quotes overview will now show a visual feedback for new items and a real time message counter. Items with new activity will also show up first in list to always keep you on track with your latest activity.

Activity Feedback in Requests Overview

For users of our freight request module, requests overview will now show a visual activity indicator on request highlights to keep you on track if a request received new quotes or messages lately.

Email Notifications on new Quotes

The system will now instantly notify you with an email when you receive new quotes or requests to make sure you never miss that kind of activity, even if you are not logged in to your account.

What comes next?

  • Company Aircrafts
  • Charter Bases
  • ACMI Availability
  • Scheduled Network

Enhanced Airline, GSA and Operator Profile

With the next release we will be giving our Airlines, GSAs and Aircraft Operators better tools to set up their basic availability. With the upcoming enhanced Airline and Operator Profile you will be able to set up your company aircrafts, charter bases, ACMI availability or scheduled network to better be found and requested by freighters across the globe.

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