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Reach.Aero 1.1.0 now with Freight Requests and Quotes Feature

We are happy to announce our latest release of version 1.1.0 with the freight request feature now being available for freight forwarders and brokers.

Key Features

  • Create private and public freight requests
  • Receive quotes
  • Real time chat on quotes

Create Public and Private Freight Requests

Create freight requests with basic information like departure and arrival airport, payload and date of flight and set them to be public or private. Public requests are fully searchable within the request search, private requests are for your eyes only.

Receive Quotes on Requests

Companies that have the availability services enabled, can quote on public requests. As the request owning company, you can also actively invite others to quote on your private requests. Just start with a private request, invite others to quote and if you want, set it to be public later.

Chat on Quotes

If you receive a quote on one of your public or private requests you can now chat on quotes in real time. Quotes can be rejected or awarded if they do or don’t fit the needs of your request.

Give it a Try

You can now activate the request services during registration or later in your company account settings.